Training Right

A good trainer trains well and gets you to meet your goals. The right trainer helps you define and understand your goals better and chalks out the best possible path to reach them.

I’ve been going to a gym for 2 weeks now. And the main thing which struck me about my trainer vis-a-vis any other gym or other physical fitness instructors that I’ve come across is that my trainer is damn observant. And that makes all the difference.

When you are observant you notice whether the individual is breathing right; even something as minute as when they are inhaling or exhaling. You notice whether the individual has high distractibility, what kind of personality they have, if they’ve skipped a couple of steps in the exercise line-up and if they’re doing something absolutely right or just barely.

Why is that important for a person who just wants help in losing weight? Well, if your personality is like mine where the mind tends to wander and you focus more on whether the country song playing on the radio at the gym is “appropriate” music for the workout or if the rap song playing has misogynistic lyrics; you forget to focus on your breathing. You inhale when you’re supposed to exhale and turn into a sweaty, soggy, panting mess. You assume a posture and think to yourself, “Ah…I look like a flamenco dancer!” and forget to turn on the timer or keep looking at the unending images of yourself in the mirrors all around and forget the next steps. The list goes on…and that’s where the right instructor is a gem.

They help you come back to the matter at hand, they explain that the fatigue and panting like a dog can be avoided by doing things the right way. And they patiently correct you, often with a quick blink-and-you-miss-it-smile, again and again till you get it right on your own.

They understand and appreciate that you are a person who needs the whole blueprint laid out in front of you and aren’t always able to learn or adapt on the go. They enable you to slow down, literally breathe easier and do what’s right for you. They focus on what you do, how you do it; inside the gym and outside.

A good instructor can maintain the right kind of body image, promote healthy eating and be a good role model all in one. But the right instructor help you work towards all of those things; your capabilities, personality and physical makeup notwithstanding.

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P.S: I still think that while meditating to regain my focus is a good suggestion; streaming country music with lyrics like rib-eye steaks and margaritas are too much for any foodie. Especially one who is trying to cut back from life-long vocation of being a glutton…erm foodie. If I had that much control, I’d be featured in Sports Illustrated!

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