I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud…

Quoth good ole W.W aka William Wordsworth. And so did I…or my mind did instead. It happened at the gym where a lot of stuff has been happening of late. I have an active imagination. I can daydream with the best of them. In glorious HD 1080p. We have moved on from Technicolor!

Anyhow, the only time I focus on myself in toto is at the gym. And after a while I start to wander off. Always mentally. Physically I’ll be frog-stretching my way to aching thighs but mentally I’ll be thinking about the rap song lyrics calling forth the bitches and hos  to “get lit” and how inappropriate they are or when Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah played on the radio etc.

I’m serious. When I focus inwards, that focus goes deep and then goes right out of my head. We have mirrors spanning the walls on two sides of the gym. When you exercise in front of one of them, you see unending images of yourself in the mirror to the back and you become a 6-year-old in a fun house with funky mirrors instead of a soon-to-be 37-year-old who is supposed to be watching her posture, her balance and her breathing.

You assume a particular posture on one bended knee with the opposite hand over your head and your mind screams, “OLE!” and you think flamenco and giggle inwardly. And it’s all very silly and un-adult but that’s how some of our minds cope.

I remember once when Sia’s Cheap Thrills came on over the radio, I got so caught up in the song I did some extra stretches lasting almost half the song. Again, silly.

But it’s also fun and my mind is a fecund breeding ground for blogs and ideas and all with their very own templates, colors and often sound tracks. And that’s where I’ll draw the line now before someone carts me off to the madhouse in case these are hallucinations.


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