Movie Review: Diwale

  It's not the worst movie I've ever seen and neither will it be. Am sure I'm fated to see much, much worse. But Dilwale was a bit loose compared to the usual Rohit Shetty fare IMHO. And while it makes zero since to critique an out and out potboiler from Bollywood, one must undertake … Continue reading Movie Review: Diwale

Movie Review: Welcome Back…Erm Don’t

Yup, that's right. Welcome Back should have at rider attached to it- DON'T! Where the first movie wasn't a shoo-in for the comedy of the year award, it was still entertaining and doesn't fail to elicit chuckles on reruns on tv. But the sequel has a couple of things which make it one of the … Continue reading Movie Review: Welcome Back…Erm Don’t