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Saturday Bloglet#2

Meanie Mommy recommends pretending to be seriously and totally grossed out when your offspring threatens to pour slime on your ankles and legs.  The child will pour and rub like a zealous slime-pourer and rubber and you will get a … Continue reading

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Have Teeth, Will Eat

It’s no secret am a foodie. It’s also no secret Red thinks I can and do eat pretty much everything under the sun. We go to the gym on different days and whoever is home makes the protein shake for … Continue reading

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Relics of My Childhood

Reliving fun and silliness from my childhood while my kid grows through his… Continue reading

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Conversation At A Playground

The brat has two pals he mainly hangs out with. He’s closer to one of them and with the other, he’s not feeling the love much of late. Yesterday while waiting for one of the favorite aunties to come down … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Welcome Back…Erm Don’t

Yup, that’s right. Welcome Back should have at rider attached to it- DON’T! Where the first movie wasn’t a shoo-in for the comedy of the year award, it was still entertaining and doesn’t fail to elicit chuckles on reruns on … Continue reading

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Confessions of a SAHM

Gather around…this will not be repeated for the fear of an epidemic of husbands dumping more work on frazzled wives and especially the SAHMs. I’m going to share the secrets of the sisterhood with you but hush now and come … Continue reading

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