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Reblogged:Playing With The Hand You’re Dealt…

Isn’t that what it all boils down to in life? It isn’t always celebrating the things that go well or in accordance with our plans or even making our peace with the things that don’t. It’s finally just existing with … Continue reading

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My Son: The Superhero Decapitator

I’d caught up with a friend for a belated celebration of her birthday at a kiddy place house-cum cafe. She’s specifically kept it in a child-friendly place so the moms would be able to take their eyes off their offspring … Continue reading

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Shocks On The Way To School

I’ll admit it here and possibly have it engraved on a metal plate and hang it somewhere prominently…NO ONE CAN SHOCK ME AS MUCH AS MY CHILD! While I was dropping him to school this morning he suddenly got very … Continue reading

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Nothing Surprises Me…I’m A Mom!

Ermm…that’s a contradiction actually. Nothing does surprise me because a child’s mind is SO elastic that it works in ways I can’t begin to imagine and wish it didn’t. And yet when the unimaginable (for adults) happens it’s also a … Continue reading

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