i’d spent a considerable amount of time in garnering and harnessing the sleepy brain cells and written a paen( is that how it’s spelt) on sleep and had included some witticisms and anecdotes about the specimens i see in the hospital-literally and figuratively.
what this pile of junk aka my system does is-blanks out and when it’d revived after a lot of difficulty–LO! and BEHOLD! nothing is there!!!!! is there no bloody justice in the damn world!!!!
sometime i wish i could take an axe to every goddamn comp on the face of this earth!!!!
for crying out loud! i was poetic!!!! dont get that at 2 in the afternoon, sitting in a place that has sick people sneezing, coughing, crying and wheezing and bloody 45 degrees in the shade!!!!
and while we’re on the topic of useless things which have a mind of their own-who in the hot sweltering heavens above created excel? wot with that huh?
need a large, COLD glass full of caffeine or i’m gonna burst!!!
prash are you listening?


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