bias against prejudice?

found this article online about mental health professionals who want to have extreme prejudice get certified under an actual illness. while i think that people who are extremists like the KKK or even the age old people like the conquistadors were keen or cruel and unusal punishment and excessive force a move this this is kind of limiting people from thinking and feeling things they have a right to in the first place.

it’s my god-given right to dislike someone and keep bitching about them whether it’s my mind or with like minded people. what i dont have a right to do and shouldnt do either, is to go out of my way to express my prejudices onto them and subjugate them solely on the strengths of my biases which are effectively my problem alone.

wouldnt it be better to educate people at a nascent age? because prejudices, attitudes are all learnt behavioral patterns. it just seems a wee bit too pat to get it registered as a disorder and then diagnose people according to it. the only time mental disorders have come to the aid of an individual is when it helped him/her from executed for heinous crimes committed due to it’s influence. i mean is it really so simple to do away with things like this? have it down in print and then sit back and be proud of yourself you’ve done something to rid the society of yet another one of it’s maladies? why not try to reach out and prevent a prejudice from being planted in the first place or curb it from getting lodged too firmly? no! we dont want to try and do things which are actually difficult and would require some sort of an effort from us!!


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