get your stories straight folks!!!

what is it with newspapers? i know sensationalism sells but whatever happened to looking into the whys and wherefores of a story before giving it front page status?

the breaking news on the discovery of a mass grave in a district of gujarat has 3 newspapers giving 3 entirely different versions to the entire nation. surely a story of this stature ought to have some similarities when it’s reported?

and no1 questioned the discovery of a grave at all!!! it’s almost as if the bones were buried deep all this time but all of  sudden now they wished to be discovered ergo people started to spot skeletons peeping out of the grounds!

it’s funny really. i’ve studied journalism and there’s a VAST difference between the theories and what actually gets put into practice. but the worst possible thing is that people have again started to talk on communal grounds and say it’s the opposing community who must have killed the “innocents” and buried them at the site in the aftermath of the godhra riots. at this point, the hindi proverb about “gadey murdey” comes to mind…


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