had been to see 15 park avenue. had heard a lot about it and most of it was that it was accurate in it’s portrayal and the more than impressive stalwarts only added to the luster of the movie.but sadly enough 2 things marred it for me. firstly, the dialogue delivery seemed strangely stilted and unnatural. i mean c’mon! these are people who’re stage actors and who can do cadences and various accents and each one was talking like they were at their auditions and reading right off the script! not at all expected from people like shabana azmi and rahul bose. and soumitra chatterjee and dhritiman only left out the exit instructions in the parentheses else they pretty much mouthed everything else that was there to read.

sen-sharma emoted and that too realistically. the gait, the thought content of psychotics and overall behavior was VERY realistically brought alive by her. this actor is here to stay. she’s got her act straight( totally meant the pun!!) and will only improve with time.

the story is meant to provoke shock,sadness and most of all to elicit realization and acceptance of the existence of schizophrenics in our society but what it isnt meant for is laughter. somehow this particular reaction of many from the audience just got under my skin and got me really uptight and defensive. all said and done, it’s a good movie and made with an intention to educate, to provide insight and to enjoy good acting. IT IS NOT COMIC RELIEF. dunno why i’m reacting this sharply to it but such behavior seemed so callous it just really took my away from the movie for a while.

but that’s me.for all you not so emotinally charged up people there-catch this movie if you can.it’s a good depiction of a parallel reality co-existing with that of normative reality as accepted by all others.