cannibally yours!

been catching up on my reading after a long while. somehow i’ve got into the habit of reading a few books at a time. something i never used to be able to do with fiction earlier. each one was to be devoured at one go and then the feeding frenzy would commence onto the next book.

it’s funny i should be using such metaphors coz the book i finished again for the nth time is hannibal. honestly! the movie just wasnt able to do justice to dr.lecter and his eloquence be it in cold blooded murder or the bouquets of wine he chooses. and that’s what chills you and yet eggs you on to read further. nevermind that you wont always be able to follow the ancient texts quoted therein or why he goes to all the trouble of setting up such elaborate scenes even when he’s about to take a life in such an appalling manner. the man is fascinating!

i cant recall last when an assassin was a gourmand,a connoisseur of good books,good living and an overall sybarite. read it just for him, nothing else!

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