cudnt sleep last nite so i popped in a dvd. it was a raunchy one and one which had been panned horribly by the critics but what the hell…sometimes trash gets you drowsy like nuthin else!

it was showgirls and was just a few steps away from being and out and out skin flick. somehow i was reminded of those jackie collin books i used to read secret bcoz my mom thought they were trash(right again ma) and i cudnt help but wonder that although casting couches exist, has it come to this that the entire world has turned exploitative?

that kind of musing aside what the movie needed was ACTING! god help if any of the “actors” would have been able to find their way around a script or stage directions. and the central character’s behavior reminded me of what Mugato said about Zoolander-what does he have? he has just ONE LOOK!!!

this girl is hampered by the same. it’s just one expression which connotes anger,love,lust,happiness all by twitches of the facial muscles. it’s such a porno-wannabe!!!

give it a miss :o(

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