was watching the news this morning before coming to work. it seems that there just happens to be 245 acres of land lying around in hyd’bad, in prime areas no less, and they will be sold to IMPORTANT judges,IAS officers and journalists at a throwaway price.
the information minister of AP defended this decision of the State Govt by saying that this kind of thing has been happening all along and people are only making a fuss since the land prices have skyrocketed of late. apparently selling off a land worth 1 crore for a mere 20 lacs is the appreciationg the State Govt wants to show these people for services rendered all these years.
it is mighty nice to be a bigwig in hyd’bad right now.

saw a really endearing sight just before entering my office. a lil girl ( complete with a matching parasol and polka-dotted dress) was sitting on the curb lost in thought while her mother was trying to explain to her why she should go back to summer camp and those kids who pulled her springy,shirley temple curls dint mean anything bad by it. the kid mulled it over and told her mom, you come too. you keep saying that i got my hair from you. if they pull your hair then that means they do that all the girls, big or small, and if they dont then i get to stay home and watch cartoon network.
the mother gave me a LOOK and a wry smile and was in the act of bribing the kid with something while the bus came…will find out tomorrow who triumphed :o)