da vinci code or no da vinci code?

i have an awful sore throat and people are taking advantage of my diminished eloquence ( hee hee) to say a whole lotta stuff which i’d normally fight tooth’n’nail against!

pr dasmunshi is yet to decided whether the Da Vinci code will get the green light in india or not. what a load of crap!!! 1/2 the christians in india hadnt even read the book before such a ruckus was raised about it. i wonder if it’s the satanic verses all over again?

had wanted to see the movie for many reasons-a) wud tom hanks be able to carry of the role of langdon or not. personally i think that mark harmon would have been better. he may not be in hanks’ league name wise but is an extremely competent actor.

b)if they would be able to recreate the hold the book’s been able to get on the public’s mind and thought processes.

but who knows, we may never know the answer to that unless the govt decides to let the people think for themselves and release the movie with minimum cuts. doing things for the “greater good” sure means jootey khaana from a section of the junta all the time!

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