mom woke me up today to say that the da vinci code isnt going to be released after all. it was on TOI’s front page. 
state govts are literally tripping over themselves to see who can ban it the fastest. and in the process ensure that blackmarketeers have a rip roaring good time good business.
i mean, the book has been out there for ages now. no one burnt effigies of dan brown or his publishers in that regard. western countries where christianity is THE religion, has allowed the movie to be released with the bare minimum of censorship so why does india have to be the crusader of all things “moral” and righteous?
water didnt get released because of the galata caused by the VHP, apparently benaras and our dear old hindu culture was attacked by the very existence of the movie. our deal old hindu culture upheld the sati prathaa for so long, tab saalon ko akal nahin aayi?
rushdie’s book gets banned for life all because khomeni deemed it was unislamic. how many of the scholars (read politican pundits) who brought about and enforced the ban actually read the book for themselves? i met someone who read a copy of the book while in US (this person is a muslim) and he said the things written about actually do take place. only reason for reacting so vehemently would be because a lot of islam’s dirty laundry got washed in public. i suppose that’s a good enough reason as any to ban an expression of creativity. and in one swoop india can also earn brownie points with the vatican in light of the censure that the new pope handed down recently.
ullu ke pattthey hai yeh sab!!!


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