UNAGI! but in a nice way

it’s really weird the kind of stuff that goes through my mind while i’m travelling someplace and looking out the window. if i dont have someone to talk to, my mind wanders OFF and sometimes it’s difficult to get it back.
today, of all the weirdass things to think about, i thought of a very close friend’s classmate. i was trying to recollect this guy’s email id and wondering if i could remember the rest of his mobile # or not.
LO&BEHOLD! i log onto yahoo messgenger to find his offliners to me telling me his mobile #,that he’s recently had a baby girl and he wants to get in touch.
called him up just before sitting down to write the post. he sent me 2 pix of his girl on my cell and she’s a ganju bachchi but cute!
we talked about all the other classmates of his,the roadside coffee guy called vishnu (who made GOOD kickass strong coffee) and the areas we used to do our matargashtis…
i have to go back to baroda, even if it’s to crash these peoples’ reunion….
this kinda stuff really puts a smile on your face at the end of the day.
who knew, me a psychic? i certainly dint! 

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