these are a few of my whimsical things…

am totally into being center-justified today. dunno Y. will just run with it.
am in a total bouncy mood and was thinking about stuff that gave me a high

evening times in haji ali (b’bay),listening to the qawwals while the breakers crash around you.
the Rs.5 softies of MTR in b’lore.
the junoon of a new crush.
the thrill of a bike ride, in the rain.
dancing like the whirling dervishes
laffing at jaspal bhatti jokes
a phone call from a friend i havent met in a long while
gifts to be opened
jumping on the trampoline (& barfind afterwards)
nain mattaka with that cute guy in a crowd
a pulsating song
guzzling beer on a beach in diu
bitchin’ on the back drive of mounts…
misspent youth doesnt seem so misspent anymore..


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