A Trip To Fuddy-Duddy Land

The day the generation gap hits you is the day you start wondering if you were thought to be as silly and vacuous as you are thinking of the table full of young’uns who are ostensibly out to enjoy a Sunday lunch.

Let me paint a picture: girls with heavily outlined eyes tottering around like newborn giraffes all the while striving for the “hip” look.

Boys with the made up grungy-casual look which focuses on  striving very hard to appear unwashed. And their pants were paying homage to gravity by reaching for the floor…what’s up with that? Is this a whole generation of people born with no discernable butts? Sir MixALot’s groaning in misery I should imagine 🙂

Anyhow the ensemble cast assembles at an eating joint we head off to now and then and I notice that after the rather exaggerated airkisses they start taking pictures. QUITE normal. Am an annoying wannabe shutterbug myself. But what I’ve never done is plan the upload of the pictures in Facebook and discuss the phototagging during the photoshoot. Or rather plan the photoshoot with the whole purpose of posting it on Facebook.

What about looking good for the heck of it and sashaying down the length of the room so people can see how good you look? That aspect of narcissism I get totally! But to get dressed to the nines and in accessories that you can’t even manage (bags that look more like packing crates! Seriously? Or with all sorts of feathers hanging out?) and just planning on which social media platform the pictures are going to be splashed on seems like a waste of the time spent getting dressed up.

When I was their age (here we go…this is prime time Fuddyduddyness) we dressed up to look good for compliments and get guys to notice us. That seemed like the natural order of things. These days things just seem absurd, dollying up to be commented upon by all and sundry via social networking.

I wondered how it would be when I found myself in this position…thinking these things which have been thought by countless people over the years…it feels perfectly normal and yet amusing to see myself on this side of the topic.

What I wouldn’t give to know what people thought about me and my friends when we were on the brink of adulthood like the group I saw today. I’ll bet it’ll echo my sentiments from today to a large extent 🙂

Youth is always seen as callow by someone no longer in the first bloom of their youth…sharpening their claws about someone else seems to assuage their sentiments about no longer being that carefree and light.

2 thoughts on “A Trip To Fuddy-Duddy Land

    • I’ll bet it does. I guess its an essential part of life to look back and also look forward and wonder if we were ever like that or if we’ll ever become like that. But it’s an interesting thing to experience…you think you know yourself and then you think like an old woman :p


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