2013- In Retrospect Part Deux

Since I last wrote our much-awaited and severely yearned for trip got cancelled due to personal emergencies. It was a huge disappointment.

But what was an eye opener to me was my own reaction to it. I had anchored so many things to this trip, it was supposed to be the biggest Fix-it for everything that hadn’t gone according to plan and when it fell through I was numb for a bit.

But numbness has its upside; it insulates you from feeling much of anything. So I got back to business and we’ve been trying to have fun as a family ever since and it’s not been a bad trade-off.

MLM is happy wherever you take him provided he has his Play Doh, bouts of t.v. time and space to run around in.Thank Goodness for that. To be a child is truly a joyous thing. Your ignorance about the world safeguards you from many things that adults can’t seem to escape.
Of course the flipside has to be considered too…their world is a smallish place, consisting of their immediate surroundings and ONLY what they understand at a particular time. So being denied a candy can cause heartbreak having to leave the playground and go home can be devastating 🙂

But this year I’ve been very fortunate to see some spectacular things in nature-a vast array of sunrises and sunset, each one different from the other.

I got to spend a good amount of time at work as a facilitator for activities pertaining to Early Childhood Development and the experiences you have while spending time with the kids is indelible.

I’m surrounded by lots of light and cool breezes throughout the day and that by itself is extremely uplifting…where you stay and how it impacts your moods does so much to tip the balance of your life.

Yes…quite a bit to feel good about. And now with Christmas upon us…we’ll channel in the Yuletide cheer with a lovely bottle of rose wine, apple juice for MLM and a red velvet Christmas cake-hopefully.

A few snapshots of good times in the last 2 months since we moved in.









2 thoughts on “2013- In Retrospect Part Deux

    1. Thank you Richard…hope this holiday seasons finds you and your family in the best of health and happiness.

      Wishing you loads of fishing time in 2014!


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