Happiness Factors in 2013

The biggest source of joy for both Red and I in 2013 was MLM’s glee about his new school and newly discovered enthusiasm towards learning. Of course the child still has the attention span of a fly and looks at everything from the angle of fun but you’re a preschooler only once; thank goodness!

But there were things which gave me joy, cheer, a sense of contentment if you will…

On 30th December, Red got me a new car stereo. Why is that of any importance you ask? Well driving without music is not something I prefer to do and after MLM did this, I had to do with listening to music on my phone whilst driving and it’s never the same thing. And with all the work going into the new house, splurging for a car stereo just didn’t seem like a necessity. But Red wanted the woebegone look off my face and got me a brand new stereo and I’ve threatened MLM with dire consequences if he touches it. But just to ensure that he doesn’t laugh off my threats like he’s wont to do I think I’ll see if eBay or Amazon carry a watered down stun gun that I can zap with him if he tries to get his grubby fingers on it. NOT! But I can engage in improbable fantasies can’t I?

Moving on…discovered a new author whose works I love!! Am a bit late in jumping onto the Rick Riordan band wagon but boy am I glad I finally did! Percy Jackson and Carter Kane have got me through quite a few months in 2013.

My mood elevator was probably the silliest one for most people who know me...this song I heard while travelling in an auto (the loud and scratchy version though) made me hum and groove even on most crazy days. Needless to say both MLM and Red can’t stand it since I’ve had it looped for many a day and they’re fed up of it! But the reason this song really does it for me is because it’s silly, peppy and as memorable associations of a truly good time I some months back. Probably a one-off time by the looks of it but for that particular moment it was the cherry on my cupcake.

A get together of a few close friends from the erstwhile work place a few months back led to a massive round of charades replete with guffaws galore and some good, clean fun times.

The little things mattered a lot in 2013 since most of the things tackled in the past year were on a larger scale and not always easy to get a hang on…

But one thing is for sure…I’ll need a new song to groove on…tolerance levels of two disgruntled males only go so far in this house :p


2 thoughts on “Happiness Factors in 2013

  1. lol Disgruntled Males can really whinge. I love the idea of finding the joys of 2013. Thanks so much for sharing. (BTW, Nerf guns are legal and effective hehehe)


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