Hello 2014!

2013 ended well enough. We had friends over and danced to the kind of funky, remixed Bollywood fare that is a staple at all New Year parties here…

The kids (mine and a friend’s) were entranced by the strobe lights and the smoke machine on the dance floor and couldn’t help themselves from trying to catch the rays, inhale the smoke or even put their hands on the speakers to feel the vibrations under their little hands.

And because motherhood trumps all plans, best laid and otherwise, MLM decided an hour before midnight that he’s had enough of his mother and her tottering around on heels on the dance floor and calmly took himself away from the scene to go to bed!

So off we went…did the bedtime routine…got the pjs on, sang the alphabet song and went off to sleep.

He did…I stayed up reading an Agatha Christie novel I hadn’t touched in years and waited for Red to come home and wish me 🙂

At 12 I touched base with BBF#2, my folks and just called it a night. Woke up this morning with a call from BFF#1 and got the download of how she and her husband brought in 2014.

A rather fun night all things considered…it’s also the first of many celebrations in the new place with friends, family, frisky kids and it all leads up to one thing..the ONE thing I need to launch this year on the right note…my first cup of coffee.

Happy 2014 everyone…make it memorable!



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