An Update About Me-For A Change

This blog has quickly turned into an outlet for venting and ranting while I foam at the mouth about raising a kid. A male child. A force of nature….erm…yes I digress. So I guess most of my readers just know me as a vehement mother, grappling with motherhood, while mothering a force of nature…see! It’s SO tough to not out pour about MLM when I sit down to blog.

So moving consciously away from the beautiful monster I wanted to share somethings about MOI (imagine the fanfare, confetti and me going TA-DA!!).

I have recently started to, and partially, succeeding in learning to swim. I thought stuff gets harder in your mid-30s but it’s really all in the mind. When you want to learn something, when you want to carve out that little space for yourself to just experience something new…you actually can and DO do it.

So while I haven’t mastered swimming entirely. I can float and swim the width of the pool in our apartment complex while holding my breath. But during this attempt to learn a new skill I discovered something. Am not 20 anymore. I do need a good night’s sleep. Energy levels do get depleted and need to be replenished. Can’t just wing it anymore. Of course I should add that I haven’t seen the inside of a gym in the last 2 years and carry around excess baggage that loves to *never leave 😦 But that again is another blog post for another day.

The thing about swimming is that is feels so good to do something new and different and actually feel  that I’m learning something. It’s been a while since I learnt something new and it’s nice to know that the synapses are still working fine and receptive to new connections being made in the Ol’ Noggin.

While writing this post Red came in and told me MLM had some round blue thing in his hand. To which I said he had a marble and it was fine. I parallel thought that I know the Heimlich too so it shouldn’t be a problem. Sheesh!

Ok…back to me again. I saw a movie over the weekend with friends while Red very graciously watched MLM at home. Graciousness stemmed from the fact that he didn’t want to want to see this particular movie but hey gift horse-mouth et al.

This movie was quite well made and its OST is quite likable too. It’s like a neatly packaged deal where everything falls into place and you totally like everything you get. I even got a new favorite song out of it. Who could ask for more? Well…me. I could. In fact I have a nice long list of things running into a few pages.

But while that is yet again, another blog for another day, I’ll just put on some music and start shepherding the brat into the bathroom to start off on his brushing while trying to come to terms with Day Two of El Vacation-o.

Did I mention it’s 39 degrees C/102 F by afternoon? And in the month of March no less? Takes the term Indian Summer to a ridiculous new level of literalness!



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