Quality Family Time

We are enjoying an extended weekend this time around due to a local holiday and it’s been fun. With family swimming time (which largely include splashing about and running after MLM to make sure he’s got this swimming vest on before jumping into the deep end of the pool), nice long lunches, a rather lazy attitude towards everything on the To-Do lists and of course the Scrabble games between me and Red.

This is how our games usually progress- we start up when MLM’s sleeping or otherwise deeply engrossed with some other activity else he comes and hijacks the scrabble pieces and starts to make his words just about anywhere on the board. Red and I aren’t terribly competitive but we always play for points. It’s fun since I usually win and do my annoying nyaah-nyaah voice and mini-victory dance.

Yesterday’s game was funny. It was VOWEL day for all my turns. I ended up with an abundance of Es, As and Is and very little consonants, especially the high value kinds. The target of our games is to usually score in double digits. So single digit scores are a bit of a downer or a challenge to whoop ass in the next round depending upon how badass we’re feeling. Red keeps a beady eye out of the Triple Word and Double Word scores and essentially all the colored tiles.

Yesterday the games was flowing like molasses, which got lengthened even further because of the time Red took to think of decently scoring words. While he thought out his moves he altered between a weird kind of humming, the kind that you get with electricity…a slow and steady thrum and then making these annoying clucking sounds like he’s feeding poultry. As you can tell, it’s kind of difficult to concentrate on making kickass words while it feels like chickens are being fed corn in the immediate vicinity 🙂

But be as it may, I did triumph over all the barnyard sounds and we’re geared up for a rematch shortly.

Nothing like being an obnoxious, in-your-face winner! We also got to factor in time for individual amusements- I watched a movie (over 2 days but still I watched it!), Red went and played tennis for as long as he wanted and I got a chance to sleep blissfully in the afternoon and only the whistle of a pressure cooker woke me up 🙂

Followed by another swimming class in the morning where I learnt to use both hands and feet together and not sink. I look like an elephant swimming underwater with all my grace but hey…it’s fun!

And what did MLM do? Well…everyday is a celebration for him so he continued on in his merry way as he’s wont to do 🙂

Here’s to more quirky, fun weekends with the family!




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