FREEDOM!!! A la Braveheart

The moment I woke up this morning, I inevitably beat my alarm to the punch, I was struck by a glorious thought- IT WAS THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER CAMP!!!

MLM’s school had closed earlier than the schools in our locality and he’s been vegetating at home and I have been sinking deeper into the mouth of madness. I kid you not. Being a parent teaches you the paradox of loving your children but not always liking them. But that’s another thought to delve into another day.

I woke him up and after the initial NO NO, NEVER, NEVER!! he realized he was going to see his favorite people and go back to the place of untold happiness and cuddles, his very own school! And suddenly he was all agog. He packed his (current) favored prehistoric reptiles and marine mammal figurines, supervised Red while his lunch was packed-again I kid you not! Husband has no idea where what is. Child knows everything to a degree that makes me uncomfortable 😦

Once his puppy (lunch box) was packed, Tang put into his bottle and his bag packed, he picked out his own clothes- his cheetah tee shirt (it’s actually a Puma tee but hey, it’s one big cat over another…not worth splitting hair over) and soon off we went!

I was more than smug thinking that I was reclaiming my freedom but his happiness was unbound and unabashed! He hugged and kissed me so many times I could tell that the last 3 weeks hadn’t been a cakewalk for him either. His darling mother wasn’t quite the darling after spending too many hours in confined quarters.

He waved us off almost dismissively but with a small smile too and just got back into the groove. And HOW!

And what did I do to celebrate this new-found, short-lived freedom? I caught up with a friend for a bit. Bathed luxuriously aka with no interruptions, blasted music, put the clothes away, am blogging, ate my breakfast and I haven’t even stopped for a second cuppa joe. Adrenaline is making me soar. Well that and endorphins. I was slightly taken aback at the love that was rushing through my system for MLM while dropping him off.

I might actually get everything done on my list of things-to-do-at-home today.

Ah…what a beautiful thing temporary separation between a mother and child is.

*rushes off boogying*

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