Unending Home Improvement

I remember watching Bob Vila commercials during my few years in US. And after that Tim Allen’s Home Improvement. So my idea of home improvement is something that usually be tackled with wrenches, spackle et al

We’ve experienced hiccups, big and small,  in the new house almost right from before we moved in and it’s been tough to get the builder to send their people to fix things since we’ve already moved in and the unoccupied apartments are still being worked on. So in terms of priority we’ve pretty far down the pecking order.

Now I’m a fairly reasonable person. I only let go of the reigns of my temper once the last straw has broken the proverbial camel’s back. But before that I have a systemic flow to my ire. It’ll start with grumbling. Then grumbling with slangs. Then profanity gets added which normally questions my target audience/person’s parentage, IQ et al. The next levels can be skipped and an escalation can happen if the issue is utterly vexing and I’m faced with additional pressures aka a child at home from school, holidays in summer camp, a backache, having to pack for a long holiday at my parents, worrying about the flab that sticks to me like a limpet…you get the drift.

But the step before the dam breaks is entirely Biblical in its nature. My mind invokes plague and pestilence and there are these massive lightning bolts that come down to the sky and smite the pesky, money-grubbing , no-good, pathetic excuses for human beings individuals and blasts them into a black hole for all eternity. And it usually wipes out Mondays for good measures.

Before the thought crosses your mind, I am not and never have been on any meds. I cannot however promise that I won’t require any in the future.

But be as that may…it is deeply disheartening to see good, hard-earned money put to bad use time and time again towards a something that should have been executed perfectly the first time around.

But again, as my father keeps telling me, that’s life. Deal with it. Don’t implode. Or explode. And if you end up doing so nonetheless, take the b******* down with you. The last bit is my own philosophy.

All in all, a not so great start to a week that’s supposed to culminate in travel, a wedding, trip to mountains, road trips and a pilgrimage if all goes well.

Fingers crossed and till all the mending work goes in I’ll keep invoking damnation without relief upon these people. It’s what I do best!

Image courtesy-http://www.drdavewhite.com/

Image courtesy-http://www.drdavewhite.com/

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