Terrors Closer To Home

There’ s no denying the utter unspeakability of the things happening to the people of Gaza. And the families of the people who have lost loved ones to the Malaysian Airlines disasters. Tragedies in every sense of the word. The civilian casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan; the daily civilian casualties I mean.

And yet when things happen closer to home, almost right on your doorstep it seems to overshadow the happenings elsewhere in the world. For me at least; to some extent.

It almost feels like in the past 2-3 years we as a nation have taken on the sordid task of proving our bestiality, sadism and passivity as a citizenry. Rapes are rampant with the cruelty factors going off the charts and the rapists trying to outdo each other with their fiendish disregard for human life, man/woman/child notwithstanding.

Intolerance seems to have achieved new heights with fatal attacks on people who look and talk differently.

Handicapped people getting abused for no fault of theirs and merely because they are vulnerable and the powers that be are stronger than they are.

Children falling prey to predators who should not even be allowed to be in the same breathing space as they are. And the people who have willingly taken on the responsibility to be lawmakers, custodians of the public welfare are either off making irresponsible statements to the press or sitting with their thumb up their butts.

It all seems to be cascading one over the other…EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And be it a malaise of the modern world, of the times we live in…it’s so unpalatable and unhealthy for us to have to live in these times where humanity can be switched on and off at will and only the baser instincts of many seem to be flooding our ambiance. Am surprised more people have turned into vigilantes. Oh wait…we’re busy doing candle light vigils.

So even if it’s all about Gaza right now on social networks and it’s trending in half a dozen places, excuse me if my mind’s more caught up with what’s happening in my backyard and worries about teaching my 5 year old about the bad people out there who can hurt him.

I am not doing anything to impact the prevailing situations either but I don’t want to “show” my discontent passively either. Writing about it on a platform that has global reach seems to be a better way of getting the information out there.

We aren’t living in the midst of a war in my country but we aren’t living in a country that’s a good place to be in right now either.

These are shitty times to live in. Period.


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