Movie Review- Ghost Shark

First off- 0.5 points for having a slightly hatke theme on a creature flick aka a vengeful reincarnated shark. In all my years of watching dumbass movies where the sharks chomp through people like an all-you-can-eat buffet at a tapas bar, the notion of a shark who comes back from the dead to wreck revenge is awesome! Well…awesome is a strong word…not-so-bad comes to mind in its stead.

Anyhow what makes this movie hilarious is the reincarnated shark’s awesome powers. And this time I mean awesome to the nth power. Just think…a shark that needs only a bare modicum of water to appear in, albeit in an astral form, and then wreck havoc on unsuspecting Americans because one must remember, all of this tomfoolery always happens in the United States, Apparently Canada is happy enough with its maple syrup and Mounties. America has inherited the whack jobs!

Back to the totally BODACIOUS shark dude that can appear in a water dispenser, a pool, a slip&slide, a sprinkler AND from inside a toilet…I mean who do we know that can do *that*? This basically makes Ghost Shark a movie that you cannot miss out on during Laugh-a-thons, feeling bored right out of your skull or while wondering where you ended up in your life. Because this movie will put that spring back in your step, make you look at the absurdities of life with a kindlier eye and rekindle love and good will in your heart for your fellow man and help you share the love like so

Here’s to crappy…erm…happy viewing!


4 thoughts on “Movie Review- Ghost Shark

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