The Sitar Diaries- Anatomy of a Sitar

Last Friday I went to a neighbor’s house and saw a veena propped up in a corner. And it brought to mind the little time that I’d spent learning to play a sitar. It made me think of this series of blog post titled- The Sitar Diaries which will explore the structure and form of a sitar, how to play it, what is typically played and a bit of intro to some of the most famous Hindustani Classical raags and taals.. Am not delving into the Carnatic style at all since my exposure to that methodology is absolutely nil!

So here goes and I hope that more people will continue to embrace musical instruments as a way of self-expression, recreation and pleasure. I, unfortunately, was not able to continue with my sitar lessons but I have a yen for the instrument and still wish that a time comes when I can reconnect with it. Till then the days of my air-sitar will continue instead.


Parts of a sitar labelled.

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