Author’s Note: This is an exclusive post for the people who understand Hindi. For the rest, it falls flat.

My husband’s native tongue isn’t Hindi. Neither is mine but having lived amongst Hindi-speaking people all my life, I can speak it without my native tongue’s influence intruding.

But living in India one cannot but be bombarded by Bollywood (ah! a perfect example of alliteration..won’t my erstwhile Litt profs be proud!) songs every step of the way.

One of the songs currently on loop in my mouth is Suno Na Sange Murmur  (or marmar, whatever rocks your boat) and while I was singing the chorus I stopped and asked Red if he knew what sangey murmur meant and Red being Red NEVER disappoints with his vast ocean of knowledge of the Hindi language..incidentally he scored more in this language than I did in his exams and never tires of emphasizing the point.

Anyhoo…he came up with this- sangey= together and marmar= die die ergo sangey marmar is we die together.

There wasn’t anymore conversation after that because I ran to write this post and left him standing there looking resigned at his wife’s behavior.

Yet another Red-letter day in our home. I won’t let him forget this till we marmar!!

P.S: For those who need a quick vocab refresher- sangey marmar is marble 🙂