Daily Positives

Inspired by @kelzbelzphotography, I too will start a daily positives post. I will start but endeavor to have something positive to post daily.

This post is a retrospective one or should it be a retrograde one? Anyhow it’ll be a retro something for sure!
So here goes:

Yesterday I took my brat shopping in the shopping mall where we’ve had the maximum meltdowns and “incidents” and he was a DOLL! He didn’t rant about everything he wanted, didn’t clean the floor by rolling around, didn’t run off into the crowd and neither did he give me reason to screech like a bloody banshee in the midst of tons of strangers.
For that I am PROFOUNDLY grateful.

About FortunateCave

Hola! am a vertically-challenged woman who's rediscovering her mojo, groove and herself post becoming a mother..I love to blog, eat and sleep and oh! MUST READ! that in a nutshell is me..add traveling and an SLR to the mix and you have an immensely happy camper!
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