So Here We Are…

One quarter down in 2015 and this is how far we’ve come or rather this is how much further we have to go…

For a blog that was started on a whim and to simply gauge readership on WordPress the images below cause a smallish sense of achievement and quite a bit of “you go girl!” sentiments in moi.

So readers…thank you. My muses and I are geared up with more of this in 2015.

Our readers literally are a global audience:

Screenshot_2015-04-01-12-01-24 Screenshot_2015-04-01-12-01-15


These are the hits on this blog since its inception:


Screenshot_2015-04-01-12-08-14 Screenshot_2015-04-01-12-13-02

And these are what people have chosen to read:


*Takes a quick little bow*

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