What I Learnt From My Kid’s School

Courtesy Facebook’s memories I get to know about how and what I was thinking not only on a time a specific time in the past but also how I was feeling. And when I wrote this post I was a bit more of an anxious mother, fretting about my kid’s school, academic “career” as it were and basically uncomfortable about not knowing what lay ahead. Fast Forward two years I’m still sipping at the font of wisdom that is Life and learning loads while my kid goes to school. Here’s how it is…

  • A child will learn at their own pace no matter what!
  • A teacher who loves kids (genuinely) will probably be able to teach more through affection and warmth rather than another more knowledgeable individual who is distant or doesn’t form relationships with the kids.
  • Digital media, chalkboard, flashcards are all props…native intellect needs to be stirred and awake for learning to occur.
  • Making things interesting is all fine and good but it helps that the biological age increases and life experiences help kids understand why they need to learn.
  • Getting a good night’s sleep and cutting off from anything academic goes a long way in learning taking place.
  • Physical activity- silly and unstructured or properly regimented aids in learning as well.
  • Learning can come from various sources provided it’s pitched at the right time and the right way.
  • Parents need the teachers’ presence more than the kids…just to be assured that all’s going as it should.
  • Taking a small step back from policing the child (even with all the best intents in the world) is a fantastic thing to do while they’re below the tweens.
  • Reflecting on what were turn-offs and stumbling blocks while we were students helps empathize and give the child space to assimilate their learning material.
  • Accepting that there’s a Bell Curve and your child will grow into a more permanent place in it, helps be good parents as well.
  • Trusting the people you entrust your kid’s physical, emotional and overall well-being to and yet realizing our role is constant in the whole scope of things.
  • Acknowledging that improvements- slight, steady or sporadic; are still a step in the right direction give you a good night’s sleep.

Long story short? The AC bus and the pool helps because trappings are important. But a teacher who makes sure your kid has a balanced meal daily and who can come back and share positive and negative feedback with indemnity goes a long, long way in knowing how to be supportive while your child learns about life. Be it from a tablet, a workbook or just from a walk in the park. Because a big part of being a parent is taking a backseat while your kid gets the controls of life just right. You have to deal with not always being able to call ‘shotgun’.

Here endeth the lesson.

A Bit Of Smugness

Since I started this blog on a lark in 2013 I’ve been quite keen to see what kind of digital footfalls I get.

Somehow seeing the list of various countries that the visitors come from really interests me and often surprises me as well. But the internet being what it is, I guess nothing should surprise anyhow at all.

So here it is- the yearly/global footfalls.

2013- started in October and generated visitors from 38 countries with 1674 views.

2014- 83 countries and a smidgen under 3000 views with 2999.

2015- 11 countries so far and 73 views so far.

Not bad for an occasional blogger.

*Does a virtual dance of joy because the neck is still frozen*

A Decade Of Blogging Erratically

I first blogged in 2005. Courtesy Red. When we met he asked me a couple of questions about my interests and what sort of things was I into; sadly my answer to most were no. And stoic man that he is, he never batted an eyelid at any of them. And still doesn’t a decade after knowing me. But when he asked me about blogging something sparked an interest and I decided to set me up a blog and see for myself what it was all about.

I made friends via my posts, most whom I’ve yet to meet face to face. I got glimpses into lives in other counties, states, countries, continents and gave them one into the garrulousness of mine.

I exchanged relationship advice with some, starting from dating, marriage and then moved onto parenting. Lost a blogger friend and grieved for a while because he had been funny, very real and gave some really interesting parenting advice and never took me to task for cribbing. About anything.

I’ve made my blog my ranting corner, my mouthpiece for everything under the heavens and earth and it’s a part of my life now.

I started out with a blog on Livejournal, transitioned to Blogger and then finally this one on WordPress. I guess I was looking for something that fit well and over the years, each one has fit in some measure depending upon what I wanted to say and how I wanted it to be said.

It’s honestly like looking back at a ten years-younger me and marvelling at somethings, shaking my head at plenty others and occasionally saying, “Bet you never saw this coming huh?”.

So what’s next? Hopefully another ten-year reunion in 2025 with the me from today and seeing what we’ve got up to in the decade that followed.


Starlight Blogger Award


I was nominated for this award (surprise, surprise!) by Noms Blog In A Tea Cup . Thank you! Thank you! Mwaah! Mwaah!

Anyhoo, the nomination comes with a coupla things you need to do in taking it forward and here they are:

  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. (check!)
  • Answer the 3 questions that are given to you. (check)
  • Pass the award on to 6 or more other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated. (Check!)
  • Include the logo of the award on your blog, please never alter the logo and never change the rules. (Check and mate!)

And the questions are….pause for drum roll!:

Who is your one true hero? (From the heart who truly inspires you?) : It may sound hokey but I guess my father. He’s not without an ego and is imminently human. But he genuinely feels for people. Those he knows. Those he doesn’t. Extremely conscious about doing the right thing for himself and others and yet he’s not a goody two-shoes. When in doubt I do find my mind harking back to what he might do in the same situation. It’s kind of a WWJD with my dad substituted instead 😀

What is you favourite sweet / lolly / candy?: I LOVE GUMMY BEARS! Nuff said!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?: I hope in 10 years my husband and I have managed to raise a child who’ll be expressive, warm and still want his parents’ hugs. I want to have traveled way more than I have in the past 10 and documented my travels and the new memories with travelogues, pictures and scrapbooks.

Let’s keep the ball rolling with the nominations, shall we?

I nominate:


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My 3 questions are:

  1. What/Who inspires you to blog?
  2. Blogging: Catharsis or Cathexis?
  3. Kids: Our most consistent Muses or should we look beyond them for a change?

Will wait to see what answers you all turn up. Till then…Beam me up Scotty.

So Here We Are…

One quarter down in 2015 and this is how far we’ve come or rather this is how much further we have to go…

For a blog that was started on a whim and to simply gauge readership on WordPress the images below cause a smallish sense of achievement and quite a bit of “you go girl!” sentiments in moi.

So readers…thank you. My muses and I are geared up with more of this in 2015.

Our readers literally are a global audience:

Screenshot_2015-04-01-12-01-24 Screenshot_2015-04-01-12-01-15


These are the hits on this blog since its inception:


Screenshot_2015-04-01-12-08-14 Screenshot_2015-04-01-12-13-02

And these are what people have chosen to read:


*Takes a quick little bow*

Time Management

Most moms get this advice from others, “when your baby sleeps, you should sleep too!” . Now that’s sound advice but one that moms seldom follow. Or can afford to follow actually. Usually there’s so much to be done for an infant and toddler that you can’t simply go to sleep even when you are DEAD on your feet.

But when you have a slightly older child you become a bit greedy about your time away from being an active or real-time mom as I call the ilk, and want to use your time to DO SOMETHING! When actually you really should be dragging your sleepy self to bed.

So here I am, yawning massive yawns that expose my maws and my head’s dropping a bit while I think of the next pithy sentence but I am still determined to DO something so this time doesn’t go waste.

As my son’s prone to say these days, “that’s stoopit Ayu”.

Good night all, I will finally take the advice and ‘sleep when the “baby” is sleeping’.

Image courtesy-deviantart.com

Image courtesy-deviantart.com