What I Learnt From My Kid’s School

Courtesy Facebook's memories I get to know about how and what I was thinking not only on a time a specific time in the past but also how I was feeling. And when I wrote this post I was a bit more of an anxious mother, fretting about my kid's school, academic "career" as it were … Continue reading What I Learnt From My Kid’s School

A Bit Of Smugness

Since I started this blog on a lark in 2013 I've been quite keen to see what kind of digital footfalls I get. Somehow seeing the list of various countries that the visitors come from really interests me and often surprises me as well. But the internet being what it is, I guess nothing should … Continue reading A Bit Of Smugness

A Decade Of Blogging Erratically

I first blogged in 2005. Courtesy Red. When we met he asked me a couple of questions about my interests and what sort of things was I into; sadly my answer to most were no. And stoic man that he is, he never batted an eyelid at any of them. And still doesn't a decade … Continue reading A Decade Of Blogging Erratically

Starlight Blogger Award

Hola! I was nominated for this award (surprise, surprise!) by Noms Blog In A Tea Cup . Thank you! Thank you! Mwaah! Mwaah! Anyhoo, the nomination comes with a coupla things you need to do in taking it forward and here they are: Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. (check!) … Continue reading Starlight Blogger Award