A Bit Of Smugness

Since I started this blog on a lark in 2013 I’ve been quite keen to see what kind of digital footfalls I get.

Somehow seeing the list of various countries that the visitors come from really interests me and often surprises me as well. But the internet being what it is, I guess nothing should surprise anyhow at all.

So here it is- the yearly/global footfalls.

2013- started in October and generated visitors from 38 countries with 1674 views.

2014- 83 countries and a smidgen under 3000 views with 2999.

2015- 11 countries so far and 73 views so far.

Not bad for an occasional blogger.

*Does a virtual dance of joy because the neck is still frozen*

About FortunateCave

Hola! am a vertically-challenged woman who's rediscovering her mojo, groove and herself post becoming a mother..I love to blog, eat and sleep and oh! MUST READ! that in a nutshell is me..add traveling and an SLR to the mix and you have an immensely happy camper!
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