When You Can’t Sleep…

in the middle of the night, you catch up on stuff you’ve recorded on tv for just such a situation.

Red and I’ve been watching The Voice for a couple of weeks now. We usually end up watching movies or sitcoms and usually avoid the singing and dancing competitions but while surfing channels on a Saturday some time back, we heard some utterly beautiful voices singing and we were hooked!

Some of the things they sang were known to us and some we had to look up on Youtube to hear the original but The Voice had become a weekend staple by then.

When this guy won the 9th season of the show it was no surprise to anyone! His voice is clear, rich and powerful and he can do crazy things with it. Not Freddie Mercury tonal range crazy but the kind of stuff that wows you when you realize that he’s just 22 years old!

I’d conked off extra early yesterday putting the offspring to bed but when my mandatory 6 hours of sleep were up I got up restless and started prowling around the house. And you can count sheep only for so long without thinking lamb chops and becoming hungry in the bargain so I opted for entertainment instead.

Hearing good music is a liberating experience in itself. Whether you can appreciate the technicality of a song, the chords or tone; just the sheer feeling evoked when a person’s voice seems to travel right down your body and spark an indescribable feeling of joy and contentment. It’s almost like being in a rapture.

As a person who’s a second-rate shower singer on her best day, it’s fabulous listening to voices belt out notes which capture my attention and make me think, “Oh my god…someone can actually DO this! Someone is actually capable of bringing out this kind of a sound from within themselves. Damn!” Some of them get looped in my head and I keep humming them till the brat says enough and takes me though the painful-pleasure of listening to his perpetually-looped musical choices.

But getting back to The Voice and Jordan Smith and his scrumptious coach, Adam Levine, it was well worth not getting back to bed because that boy can sing and how! And when someone that good gets that perfectly-well deserved award it’s entirely like the icing on a particularly good cake.

And while his parents cried into Adam’s jacket and the other contestants thought about what could have been for them, Jordan belted out a line of Climb Every Mountain (kinda cliched if you ask me)…I had just one thought going on in my head….who’s going to clean all that damn confetti off the stage?!

Good night and good morrow.









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