A Woman Inspired

First off..this isn’t an anti-men blog. It’s not anti- anything per se but it’s about what A Particular Woman wants. No mouthpiece for the countless women who abound in the world here folks. All about an opinionated woman’s opinions.

And when there’s a first, a second is sure to follow…so like I started out to write..a woman doesn’t need to go anywhere special for inspiration. You can see the lumps under the sheets on your bed and write a blog post about your bedmates. You can also see a commercial on tv and be spirited miles away as well. So we’re not that high maintenance on where we get our brain food from. To be honest, having to forage for one’s own brain food has led us to adapt and find our inspiration where we can take it.

Going to the Himalayas or doing stuff like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love is not only horribly clichéd and so passe…but where’s the bloody time to GO and DO something when you’re perpetually living your life planning and anticipating the NEXT MOMENT.

And the “next moment” is crucial. It can make or break a day. The next moment is directly influenced by the previous moment and it in turns influences the moment after it so it’s very, very important to have a good next moment. And that requires planning.

For those of you thinking OCD can just pick your butts off your couches and pick up a DSM or ICD and look up a whole bunch of new disorders to attribute here because again, like Ms.Roberts, OCD is soooo passe.

Let’s try something with a pinch of psychosis thrown in. Way more fun than the endless cleaning and clicking of switches!

Not put off yet? Well, good for you.

I have more to write between observing my leg stubble and encouraging my inner sloth.


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