Feelin’ A Bit Bloggy

I have been actively blogging since 2005 (courtesy Red). I haven’t been consistent in my blogging though. Starting with LiveJournal and blogging without much finesse and about everything under the sun, I moved to Blogger because having everything under one umbrella aka Google was convenient. But something was missing…and I stopped.

In 2013 October sometime I thought I’d check out WordPress (again courtesy Red) and have been camped out here ever since. Maybe I finally hit the stride I needed to while blogging or WP just appealed to me in a way that the others haven’t till now, but I always come back to blogging here and frequently have a multitude to drafts to build on.

That being said, the evolution of a personal blogger is quite necessary to blogging well. If you want a private journal that you maintain online, you can write pretty much whatever you want and not dress it up, let the grammar and syntax be totally haywire and no one is any wiser.

The moment you start writing for someone else’s consumption you become aware of the play of the words, the format, the tone being used and how aesthetic the overall experience is being made. It doesn’t mean you’re selling out and giving the people what they need rather than catering to what you want to convey; no. It just means whatever you want to convey is being polished from the rough and raw and being made ready for more people’s’ consumption and enjoyment.

And why is that important? Well…for me personally, more than the number of views that get generated, it’s the different countries that they come in from is what matters. I remember seeing an Eastern European country once that I thought was under a lot of government-imposed censorship and it gave me quite the kick to see it feature in the list of places people had logged in from. Seeing far-flung geographical locations come together to read or maybe even skim through something you thought of and put out there, is a great feeling.

So I try and write stuff that is important to me while trying not to keep it too heavy. Not because am terribly amusing as an individual all the time. I can be pedantic and prosaic in everyday life. But when I sit down and the digits take over, what comes out is usually in the lighter vein…because we’ve all had our share of heaviness. A little levity never hurt anyone I always say.

So, thank you for dropping by and thanks awfully for reading.



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