Benefits Of Staying Ignorant

My father would always point me in the direction of one of our numerous dictionaries whenever I asked him the meaning of any word. And that stuck; looking up the meaning, etymology and whatnot. Ergo Wikipedia and all the wiki pages are like my playground. Can’t have too much of it is what my mind tells me.

Yesterday while I was walking around after the rains, I kept seeing waterdrops on all the plants and wanted to take some pictures. And I did. And wouldn’t you know it, I wanted to know what it was that I took pictures of. And again, the hardwiring of a lifetime kicked in and I looked up this plant. And laughed. Because some names are just so ripe for major LOL-ing.

Say hello to the Jatropha podagrica a.k.a the Gout Plant, Gout Stalk, Buddha Belly Plant, Purging-Nut, Goutystalk Nettlespurge amongst many others…

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