Bright Spots Amidst The Gloom

I can’t be a Gloomy Gus for too long. I either seek out stuff to read or watch that lifts my spirits to some extent if not fully.

The lockdown has come at the time when the kids usually splash around in the pool, play out till they’ve got to be dragged home by their ears and time is usually measured in the melting drops of the ice creams we keep licking off.

But the curveball the world was thrown ensured that we all come to a grinding halt, recalibrate our lives and make do with what we have- physically and intangibly as well.

I’m not a massive nature lover. I like blue skies as well as grey ones. I smile at fresh snow blanketing the sidewalks, lamp posts and cars. The rain-soaked earth makes me glad, happy even but I can just as easily get lost inside a book and be blind to the great outdoors when it suits me.

At times though, seeing flora and fauna in their own environment, not too badly jarred by human contact, is also very soothing.


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