The Seven-Year Blog(itch)

I started blogging on WordPress as a lark. I was test driving it to see how comfortable it might be for the org I was working for back in 2013. We wanted to start off a blog with information relevant for our clients and needed a platform easy enough for multiple people to post content without needing a crash course in blogging.

Somehow Blogger was making people go “Meh”. WordPress was recommended by Red and since he pushed me into the blogosphere in the first place, I decided to check out what was special this new (for me) platform. If I’d done it my way, I’d have signed up on 3 different sites, published something for fun, tweaked it a millions way to Sunday and then seen which I liked more and then settled on a final one. Am told that’s a slightly (cough cough) neurotic way of doing things. And I’ve been here ever since. It’s been 7 years of posting my thoughts, my feelings, glimpses into our family, trips down memory lane and pretty much everything that’s pinged on my radar.

Over time I’d branched out into a more no-holds barred avatar that lasted a while but then maintaining two separate entities began to wear me down. I was just iffy about writing things in a far more blunt manner but essentially it was the same same person being more candid. So it went down the trash chute.

A separate photoblog came up in due time and also met its doom because eventually I saw no reason to not integrate different facets of my nature into the one mouthpiece/pulpit/journal that I kept coming back to again and again.

I again branched out recently- for a product recommendation and review blog and that will stay separate because its tone and subject matter is completely different from this one.

But it feels good to look back and see some stats. Even if I haven’t been very prolific over the years, it’s still a timeline of me from 2013 onwards when many changes happened in my life and basically in all our lives, as a family.

It’s actually quite gratifying to be able to go back in time, even if it’s just 7 years and take a look at life the way it was then. Especially in a pandemic-ridden world, having to worry about pipes bursting and my kid’s struggles with handwriting, seem like a piece of cake from a easier and happier time.


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