Our Inner Diva

We come across articles online or in the papers about the divaesque behavior of the celebs. But what about the diva that lives within us all? The one who is temperamental? Volatile even and turns away in a huff? The one who turns up their nose at some transgression-imagined or otherwise. I am very closely … Continue reading Our Inner Diva

Movie Review: Arjun Reddy

After a long time, 10 years to be precise, I watched a Telugu movie- Arjun Reddy and enjoyed it quite a bit. As a person who doesn't have too much fluency in the language, scratch that...I can make do if I have to, else I nod my head along to pretty much everything; I didn't … Continue reading Movie Review: Arjun Reddy

Much Ado About Ahmed

At this time, if you Google Ahmed the results that will come flying are only about the teenager who was mistaken for a terrorist by a supposedly over-cautious, over-anxious, overzealous school. But it seems to that there are again, two sides to every story. Ahmed Mohamed. Who is he? Just a person of color? A teenager? … Continue reading Much Ado About Ahmed

Lennon Had It Right!

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. I'm not feeling particularly nostalgic or philosophical today so have no fear that this is one of "those" posts. After a week of particularly fragmented sleep due to a very, very unfortunate incident witnessed, I finally slept good and proper. And it was … Continue reading Lennon Had It Right!

Yet Another Epiphany

I had another Ah-HA! experience this morning while "attempting" to explain to MLM why something is desirable and why something isn't. People (parenting experts, those whose kids are no longer a pain-in-the-ass and those who are blissfully childless) usually say that it sets a bad example to communicate with a growing child using largely negatives … Continue reading Yet Another Epiphany

After A Long Break…From Writing

Been visiting my folks back in my hometown. It's kind of become an annual trip during the brat's summer holidays. It's part torture and part relaxation but the fun comes and goes. I say that because the concept of fun not only changes from person to person but sometimes even from day-to-day. One day locking yourself … Continue reading After A Long Break…From Writing

The Blasphemy of Terror

I'm partial to Websters so I'll stick with their definition of blasphemy. It goes,"great disrespect shown to God or to something holy :something said or done that is disrespectful to God or to something holy". Now caricature has had its enemies since the first time man realized that satirizing something or someone was in its … Continue reading The Blasphemy of Terror