Phunless Phlegm

It's been consistently sporadic rains for the past few days in my city. And if that's too much of an oxymoron, tough! It's the best a mother can do after her gravelly-voiced offspring woke her up yet again with a loud honk of his nose and his constricted breathing, not to mention the countless sneezes. … Continue reading Phunless Phlegm


Conversations Over A Hot Stove

A little while ago when I was in the middle of cooking the chicken curry for today's lunch, TO came to get a hug. Now a hot and sweaty person usually runs as far away from being held as possible. Especially more so when she's doing the taste checks for a new recipe she decided … Continue reading Conversations Over A Hot Stove

How To Tell A Pre-Teen Lives In Your House

Here it goes in no particular order: He calls you and dad have left the building and Bruh reigns supreme.Angst is the name of the game.Being contrary is also the name of the game.Tantrums are usually lurking around the corner.Flashes of brilliance (I use the term loosely) can be expected.Hugs and kisses are still … Continue reading How To Tell A Pre-Teen Lives In Your House

Takes A Bloomin’ Continent

A lot has been written about the people in the frontlines of this pandemic. As it should be. They literally are the first line of defence and often end up in hazardous situations themselves in the process of trying to cure or keep the populace safe. But I don't think enough has been written about … Continue reading Takes A Bloomin’ Continent