What Dreams May Come

For every student who dabbled in Psych, Sigmund Freud is a part of the study one couldn’t escape. He was the pit in the cherry or any fruit that you had to eat around and eventually spit out. And now I’m doing justice to both my Psych and English Litt backgrounds by using metaphors and also showing my subtle dislike for the man.

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But dislike aside, pioneers usually pave the way by being the first one to *do* or propound something. In the course of time people run with it, either disprove it and tear it down to build anew or to use it as a foundation for their thoughts and research.

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Why am I talking about the dirty old man of Psychology on this fine, breezy morning? Well, he spoke and researched at length about dreams and their meanings and I can barely count the number of times I’ve seen non-psychology students get his book and flip through the pages and try and find a meaning for the dream that they had.

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I have rather vivid dreams, complete with background scores and set decor sometimes. We all pick up cues from our environment all day long. Some we’re aware of and others hover on the edge of our consciousness and come out full force when the guards are down aka asleep.

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It’s not only the bad dreams that startle us or make us think. Prima facie even a “happy person” who’s looking forward to something fun and positive could have a dream that makes them think, “why that dream? what could it possibly mean?” And the answer can sometimes elude us and at others it’s right there in front of us.

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I have no idea why I dreamt what I did last night. I don’t even know for sure if it was negative in it’s connotation. So many things get tainted with a negative slant because of fear, misinformation or just because of stereotypes when it could actually be a far more benign thing.Image result for freud dream meme

And sometimes a dream is just that, a dream and not something that needs to be dug into deeper. I’m playing Roberta Flack’s Set The Night To Music while typing this post out…it could mean nothing or it could mean the nights have to be waaaay more chillled out for me going forth.Related image

But one thing seems certain, my kid needs new toys. If I find another reptile while I’m brushing or making the bed or see him search for poisonous snake pictures and videos on my phone then the blame’s squarely landing on a particular pint sized person who clearly overshares his interests with his reptile-fearing parent.

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Mommy over and out!


My Two And A Half Cents

Why two and a half? Well..I might not get everything out with just two cents worth ergo the extra half cent to properly cover the bases.

Without further ado let me mention that this blog post is about the now uber scandalous Sheena Bora Murder Case. Initially it was just the online editions of the various newspapers which kept bringing us new updates in real time. And then naturally, the talk shows and the intelligentsia had to get into the picture as well.

What I don’t understand is the urge for people to turn social commentators and spew their views across the country, while acting at being some kind of an expert. Given the huge number of people in the country and the sheer number of people we come across and interact with in our lifetime, we do have some insight into the human psyche, behavior et al. But it doesn’t always make us experts on the dark side that is said to be an integral part of everyone.

As the skeletons come tumbling out of the closet, it’s quite surprising to see people from different walks of life authoritatively airing their sound bytes whether their interaction with the people in question was either negligible or entirely NIL.

The only person who I saw offer their views in a credible manner was the lawyer who had handled Indrani Mukherjea‘s divorce. She offered her observations and opinions about Indrani basis their conversations about custody of a child thereby throwing some light on her as a mother. Everyone else rather decisively called her anything to a monster to a con artist and essentially trial by media was well underway.

Most of the other people being asked their expert opinion have an outsider’s view of the case and nothing more. And while they may not be wrong but this is the kind of case that should give the entire nation cause to worry about our moral fabric as a society?

We’ve had worse things happen. And while what happened to Sheena Bora was by no means a small matter, so-called experts throwing a light on alleged causal factors especially the mindset of the accused is quite irresponsible and bound to be erroneous.

What are the obvious elements of the case? Someone got killed. DNA testing has confirmed it to be a young woman called Sheena Bora. She has a brother called Mikhail (or something to that tune) and she was in a relationship with a man called Rahul Mukherjea and used to live in Mumbai. A driver who works for the main accused and is also an accused himself had spilled the beans leading to the entire drama unfolding. Beyond that, most aspects of the case are either contradicted reguarly, still alleged or are getting revealed on an daily basis.

Beyond that anyone who thinks he or she can provide a rationale for the behavior of the key players or illustrate what really happened is got a bad case of overconfidence in their own self.

Let the cops handle the rest. Sheesh.