I always have patchy sleep before I or anyone from my family has to travel. And that gets compounded by morning travel plans.

I get up a few times during the night to check the display on my phone to see what time it is. Usually am up an hour or so before I need to be and I vaccilate between going back to bed or pottering around the house. While I’m deciding, I potter.

Today I went and checked if my downloads for the flight were actually downloaded, if the headphones were charged and if all the documents I needed were in place, excavated TO from underneath the pile of pillows and sheets he burrows under while he sleeps and finally checked if the clothes I’d kept under the fan had dried or not. That’s more I got done operating in the dark than I would’ve in the morning when I’m a grouchy zombie without caffeine in my system.

While I type this out, am wondering if I have time to empty the dishwasher and put the stuff away…naah. Never been this efficient during my waking hours; why spoil a perfectly good track record?