Say What Now?

I landed back in Hyderabad yesterday and as always Red and TO had come to pick me up. It’s quite lovely to be met by happy smiling faces especially during these times.

TO had made numerous calls to me while I was away and had let me know in great detail where Red hadn’t come upto scratch. He’s not one for holding back his praise or his condemnation this kid. Let’s you have it with both barrels whether it’s the best day ever or the worst day of his life. Sometime that can and does occur frequently on the same timeline. But whaddya gonna do? The kid was meant for being dramatic.

Anyhoo, while we were on our way back Red got a sales call from a vendor who services our car. Due to the lockdown, we’ve been a bit lax in getting things done outside the home unless it’s really necessary and the car has been due for its tune-up for a while now. The lady who called sounded like she was on uppers and all set to give a very convincing sales pitch till Red cut her short (in the way he’s prone to) and told her he’d get the car to the garage soon and did his rather unconvincing “thank you for calling speech and hung up. The poor woman who called sounded like she’d had the wind taken out of her sails; was really being deprived of the pleasure of giving us the entire spiel and hung up in a noticeably less enthusiastic manner.

Bang comes TO’s snarky comment, ” Well, that was anti-climatic!” made me gawp like a gormless person and when I got done getting used to my kid saying something like that, I asked him where he’d learnt that phrase/ those words and again pat came the reply, “From Spongebob, Ayu!” Talk about anti-climatic, dang!


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