buffalo bill’s defunct…

pramod mahajan passed away.
some called it the end of an era. was it really? apart from being a stalwart in the advani camp, what exactly were his achievements towards the indian political arena?
i cant remember much except allegations of having profitted from the reliance deals ( back when dhirubhai was still alive) and how his face was splashed right along side MJ’s, when the concert took place in B’bay.
maybe he was dynamic, vis-a-vis the geriatric population of the BJP. but would he have been better in anyway than Rajnath Singh or been any glibber than Advani or NOT resorted to poetry at the drop of a hat like ABV?
maybe he wasnt a run of the mill politician but he was part of a system that’s quite flawed and he stuck his hand in the till often enough. after all, why should he be any different,right?
soon enough there’ll be another “young”, dynamic leader who’ll be taken as a protege by some old timer in the BJP, who’ll have the proper RSS pedigree and the whole kaboodle. mahajan will be an archive in the glossies and newspapers as a person who got cut down in the prime of his life. he’ll be part of an illustrious club comprising of the gandhi brothers and god knows whoever else has had the honor of dying as a “martyr”.

on a more serious note,i was very saddened to see the kind of anarchy that’s going on baroda. the city is very close to my heart and i’ve lived through the gujarat riots there a few years back. and just when we thought it was safe to come out and play and boogeyman returns. and his trusty henchman, by the name of narendra modi returns triumphantly.
i was thinking out loud how it’s possible for the citizens of gujarat ( hindus&muslims alike) to not have lynched him already?!!! the man is a egomaniacal windbag and is as secular as the Grand Wizard of the KKK!!!
this kind of well-orchestrated mindless destruction is a huge step back in the civilization of man.
very unfortunate people are getting desensitized to it.
what’s next i wonder?


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