movie and a meal- but no date

went through scores of movies it seemed to me before settling on a “thriller”. it’s called The Gift and i was surprised i hadnt heard of it earlier coz it’s not THAT old.
it’s about a small town in US, which is home to a woman ( Cate Blanchett) who can read cards and predict the future.
naturally, even small towns have their sleepy secrets and dark murky places where bodies ca be hidden.
it’s upto Ms.Psychic to save the day, redeem herself in the eyes of the non-believers and ensure that the truth is really out there!
all in all it’s a decent movie. albeit with the predictable “boo! gotcha” kind of scenes. 
at times i felt that the pace slackens slightly, but thankfully it never drags.

about the meal- AVOID the mughlai parathas at the roll call place just below CP. you might end up with pepto bismol in the IV afterwards.


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