adventure on the high seas

lord! such a paucity of words ails me of late. i think it’s coz too much of it is going into the brainstorming sessions for my students. anyhoo, onto the movie review.
TYPICAL yankee movie with some aging stars and mostly a line up of fresh but known faces.
it’s a new&improved poseidon but less because of any acting skills and definitely more because of technology being what it is these days.
this movie was interesting only because it was released in the IMAX format where people started to cringe when the waves hit and the boat turned turtle.
but it’s worth a looksee mainly for that. else it’s just one of those movies where we know that the pretty people will be saved in the end and faith in humanity and the fight to survive will triumph over nature even.

but best part of the movie-JOSH LUCAS. am in love! that man has drool-worthy blue eyes…


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