ever since the new job began it’s been all about mental well being of the students and catering to their needs and the kinds of scenarios encountered in the previous years and how to avoid/deal better with them this time around.
what the powers that be “forgot” to tell us that is, this time around we’d be facing a helluva lotta disgruntled staff as well. the new and massive campus is coming up in the boondocks of hyd’bad and things are yet to be finished. and the student are arriving by the 22 and i start with the classes+sessions from 23rd onwards.
oh yeah, this will be F-U-N!!
i can picture a session going something like this-
me-hello..blah blah…so, how are things? settled in?

student- ma’am my room doesnt have a roof, i got lost twice on the way to the classrooms all day and i desperately need to go the loo. could you point me in the right direction? and could you also tell me where i could find something to eat, i havent been able to find the mess either.

me- sure thing. these are little hiccups and everything will fall into place before you know it. blah blah. ok good session. now proceed to the big neem tree outside my office for your marketing class and all the best!

oh yeah. FUN!!!