the lil sard from next door is mimicking the kitten mewing in the garbage heap. the competition’s heating up and the kid’s going at it whole hog!!!

the pater returned jetlagged after a busy tour of nyc and boston but i got an ipod shuffler out of it so YEAH!!!!

a benevolent friend gave me a link where i can download ebooks for free. i have read most of them but wodehouse!!! i’ll risk the copyright violation also. he did say even the copyright ones where up for grabs. hmmm, this bears looking into.

the brats aka new batch of students started to arrive from today. they were a pretty good kind, chilled out and eager’n’fresh of the press as it were. their parents were another ballgame altogether! i rue the day i was cast into the typical bong “facecut”. i was asked about where rice is available among other things ( the main one being- MERE BACHCHE KA DHYAAN RAKHNA MAA).

will start taking classes from monday onwards…this reminds me, BUY HEELS!!!