dekho…magar pyaar se…

is what the photographer probably meant to say with all his wild wildmill hand movements. but instead he told me “madam please hold your eyelids”. i was looking at him with my well-aimed supercilious look ( complete with one eyebrow raised and lip curling in perfect half-sneer) when he said i was blinking too much. arrey raam! how will i get the nazaakat in my photos unless i have the eyelashes fluttering wildly?!
i’d been bugging my dad for family portraits for a long while now and he chose this particular sunday of all days when i came back from work ( yes people, the dark days are upon me again) all harried and found the photoman waiting there with all his photo gear asking if i wanted to pose near the rose bushes or look up as if i’d been startled out of a daydream. he’s been on my hit list since then.

the campus is finally looking like a campus now with students teeming in from all over india, with special emphasis from WB and punju land. there were harried but eager to prove their intellect bongs and mastikhor punju and helloji madam-wala sards! the parents were another kettle of fish altogether! 
once i have my own practice i’m going to treat only the parents who have children who are still studying. they’re a breed onto themselves. i’ll mint moolah!!! evil laffter booming!!!!!


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