the lovely rocky terrain…

is what we had to face upto when we went in for the classes today to the temp campus.
students glowering, parents muttering threats ( and some profanities too methinks) and faculty looking for ways to escape.
then someone had a brilliant idea of saying to a particularly irate parent, with the most untidy mush i’ve ever seen in my life, that i was a bong- and off we went!
he jabbered, and blabbered and made mamta banerjee look meek, mild and well-mannered. all the while his daughter was doing the whole nain-matakka act with a guy with the lowest jeans and no ass i’ve  ever seen.
am getting to see a lot arent i?
anyhow, people got pacified, hugs and kisses were exchanged and the mata-pita left their offsprings to the care of the jungle out there and left for home.
i swear there was a huge SIGH of relief-mostly from their non-upset children who were only too agog to start playing adam and eve under the greenwood tree


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